It has taken me a few weeks to finally get my head around the fact that I have successfully raised a child into adulthood.
It has been a rollercoaster of emotions,pride,disbelief,sadness,joy & everything in between...but coming out the other side of this big event & it is a big event,I feel love,great big special love that my daughter,the tiny little screaming (trust me she was a screamer) baby I brought home from the hospital all those years ago has grown & blossomed into the most amazing adult,more amazing than I could ever have imagined.
To celebrate this momentous occasion it was decree'd that as we are "we're all madd here" she would celebrate with a mad hatter's tea party!
Being the lunatic that I am most of the time,I had a vision of how I wanted this tea party to be,it was to be a pretty girly party where they could all have fun & be girls for one last time before adulthood swallowed up all of their innocence.
I grabbed the iPad & proceeded to storm my way through the Internet gathering the bits & pieces I needed to make this party happen! (a special thanks to eBay & the local buy,swap & sell page on facey)
We had a fairy floss machine that mr fixit proudly manned all day,a help yo self lolly stand,a photo booth with props,games like hula hoops,bubbles & badminton,pass the parcel & pin the tail on the donkey & gorgeous thank you gifts of mismatched china tea cups & saucers with retro collectible spoons & choccy's in them.
So below I present you with Abby's 18th mad hatters tea party,where a fine time was had by all & the backyard was empty of guests by 6pm (winning!)
The gorgeous birthday girl in her awesome Indian headress given to her by her special friends...
Just to top off a couple of great weeks we got the news that Abby has been accepted into wollongong uni early entry for law,commerce & international studies!she got all 3 degree's she applied for!
She has worked so hard to achieve this & deserves it so much,congratulations honey we are so,so very proud of all you are! (I think a lawyer in the family may be a good thing judging her younger brothers wild behaviours)
So contrary to popular belief you can be "we're all madd here" & make real life work for you too!
Signing off today as the proudest mumma in the stratosphere...;)

10/15/2012 15:55

Such a lovely gift you gave to Abby, she is a wonderful young woman. All the times we wonder as they grow and we guide are we doing the right things. How is she such a wonderful young woman.. Cause she has a wonderfully fabulose mum guiding her through . X x x

10/16/2012 03:54

Awesome party!

10/16/2012 22:06

Sorry I am late, busy, busy! I find that I am afraid for Garrad, he wants to join the forces for his Engineering degree. I am proud yet not sure if he is ready at 17. Abby has done well and you should be you said, so many mixed emotions but I just can't find myself to be happy about it yet

10/16/2012 22:14

Thank you Weeza! You would know honey you've a part of Abby's life from before the beginning...omg, we are so freaking old! xx

10/16/2012 22:31

Emmie,I fully understand your reservations about Garrad joining the forces,I had the same talk with Mitch,it would be different if we were not in a war time situation but we are & who could happily wave their child off into that? I don't envy you on this one but I do wish you lots of strength with whatever decisions you both come too..xx


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