Following on from yesterday's post I started to think am I really as tolerant  as I like to think I am? upon pondering this weighty question i have come to the conclusion that no, I am not & below my friends are a few examples of why...

*White guys with dreads (dude you just look kinda homeless & dirty)

*Old guys in convertables (mid- life crisis anyone?)

*People talking down to me (go on try it sometime)

*Teenagers that forget it's their job to wash the dishes every night (make me yell very loudly every morning!)

*Feeling obligated (I hate that feeling of have to, I would much rather feel I have a choice even if I don't)

*Whingers (especially serial facebook status whinges, no one fucking cares!)

*Mutton Dress as Lamb (you can still be fashionable and on trend without looking like you cut sick in Supre with the visa card)

*People with no idea with whats going on in the world (dudes, the news only goes for half an hour! Do yourself a favour!)

*Unblended foundation (Look in the mirror properly peeps)

*People that don't keep left unless overtaking (make me feel very stabby)

*People that still insist that android is better than Apple (wake up dickheads! There is no comparison, none, nada, zip! Android sucks)

*Tupperware cupboards (maybe it's just mine, but that shit never matches and falls out on top of me every time I open the door)

*Cowboy boots and short shorts. (You look like a stripper, if you are a stripper you look fine)

*Rude shop assistants (You are payed to smile and help me. Do your job or leave)

*Old peoples attitude to technology (Things weren't easier in the day, that's why we have technology. It wasn't as good as you remember, take off your rose coloured glasses)

*People that constantly talk about how busy they are (Now we've been guilty of this on occasion, but you know the ones.     
Always crapping on about where they have been or where they are going etc,etc. Chill the fuck out or shut the fuck up!)

*People who don't think signs apply to them (such as No Parking, No Stopping etc.. They DO apply to you, even if you are 105)

These are just a few of the things that I am intolerant of, please feel free to add any of your own. I would love to know that I am  not the only one with issues.

DONT FORGET WERE ALL MADD HERE!!! Have a great weekend...
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03/29/2012 18:38

Hahaha lots of those made me cack! Totally agree with the left hand lane thing.. Except I'll add to that & say if u can't do 80(or 100) in the normal traffic don't fuckin speed up as soon as u hit the overtaking lanes cos I am gonna mow u down even if it means I have to use my purpose built bullbar

Old people & crossing roads: hurry the fuck up! What's with them seeing that there's cars coming but still walking out on road??

While we're on old people subject, why must they glare at u like its your duty to
A) let them in front of u in checkout
B) wait for them to move even when it's them in the wrong
C) apologise if u get called into dr's room before them and
D) anything else they feel u owe them submission for

I also hate that the dog insists on shits under my clothesline.. There's a whole 2acres for ur shit, dog

03/30/2012 04:03

Ha, old people. I don't get them, You'd think the less time you have left to live, the faster you would go, any hoo let's not stop there,.....

*Tail gaters!!! (if you drive on my ass I may hit the brake suddenly

*Gym junkies steriod monsters (you honestly think your hot and I can't look at you)

*P Platers that do burn outs in the wet (No one is impressed and your penis is now even smaller)

*Undesirables that hang outside Woolworths (cause it's coming to a town near YOU!)

*Being told I'm a racist (Hello!! I hate everyone equally)

*Old men that stop you in the street, grab your arm and say "bless you"( get your creepy old boney fingers off me, I feel like I need a shower) *shudders*

04/01/2012 17:31

*Teen girls with orange legs and shorts so short you can see their twats when they are only walking!

Dogs shitting under clothesline (with you Coby, it is gross)

People trying to keep their children young, cutting up food and tying laces after 5 years of age is wrong (velcro shoes were invented for a reason and we evolved with fingers and thumbs to grasp food) Washing your childrens' hair when child is in primary school, picking their dental plates, cutting their nails, cleaning their ears etc, should be taught not done for them, it is creepy, just plain fucking creepy, if you're gonna do it, hide where nobody can see it!

*Door knocking religion pushers....fuck off!

*School teachers...pfft! I have no respect for them anymores, how do they expect respect from children?

*Churchy neighbours! If you don't want a life, it is none of my business, but if I want one, do not frown and tsk at me over the fence...again......fuck off!

*Wow, that feels betterer!

04/01/2012 21:11

Loved all of the above comments,all so true & very funny! You guys rock,thanks for taking the time to comment it means alot!! x


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