It's been a while so here's a quick squiz at what google has blown my mind with lately...
WTF...this made me laugh too much!
What you gunna do with all that junk?
Unfortunate,very,very unfortunate...
Public displays of affection have that effect on some people!
No words...
It's all in the camera angle!
Jumpsuits the camel toes best friend...
And last but not least,just when you thought a moose knuckle was as bad as it got,I present you with...
Well that was fun,thanks for popping in & I'll see you soon! J9 :)

Hey all,
Sorry it's been so long between posts but as you know I am inconsistent if nothing else!
Now today I want to discuss mums & school,well more to the point those mums you walk past everyday during drop off & pick up,that never ever acknowledge you exist,the ones that just look straight through you as if by some miracle you actually got your secret super power wish to be invisible!
Now don't get me wrong I have no desire to befriend these women but I do think that in a small community at a lovely school,a "Hi,how are you?" is not such a hard thing to push out of your pie hole,especially for setting a great example for your kids on being friendly! Even a tight smile would suffice but NO not these ladies they have perfected the "stare off into the distance look with their shield of steel body language" as they walk past day in day out...
Well I'm making it my mission this year to say hello to these ladies everytime I see them,until such times they cannot stand it any longer & either change schools or say Hi back!
Although there is one mum I am avoiding after she yelled at me while I was putting petrol in my car that I had "taken her spot" I smiled,waved & told her "I would be really quick"(which I was because to be honest she was quite scary) so her & the talk,talk,talk mums are off the list!
Have you encountered any strange mums in the playground?
Just to update everyone I now have one child in uni,one in senior high school,two in infants & one little munchkin still home!
Let me know what your experiences of playground mums is like...
P.s I have noticed a lot of these women drive Prado's,coincidence or not?

The latest from "we're all madd here" to start school...