Following on from yesterday's post I started to think am I really as tolerant  as I like to think I am? upon pondering this weighty question i have come to the conclusion that no, I am not & below my friends are a few examples of why...

*White guys with dreads (dude you just look kinda homeless & dirty)

*Old guys in convertables (mid- life crisis anyone?)

*People talking down to me (go on try it sometime)

*Teenagers that forget it's their job to wash the dishes every night (make me yell very loudly every morning!)

*Feeling obligated (I hate that feeling of have to, I would much rather feel I have a choice even if I don't)

*Whingers (especially serial facebook status whinges, no one fucking cares!)

*Mutton Dress as Lamb (you can still be fashionable and on trend without looking like you cut sick in Supre with the visa card)

*People with no idea with whats going on in the world (dudes, the news only goes for half an hour! Do yourself a favour!)

*Unblended foundation (Look in the mirror properly peeps)

*People that don't keep left unless overtaking (make me feel very stabby)

*People that still insist that android is better than Apple (wake up dickheads! There is no comparison, none, nada, zip! Android sucks)

*Tupperware cupboards (maybe it's just mine, but that shit never matches and falls out on top of me every time I open the door)

*Cowboy boots and short shorts. (You look like a stripper, if you are a stripper you look fine)

*Rude shop assistants (You are payed to smile and help me. Do your job or leave)

*Old peoples attitude to technology (Things weren't easier in the day, that's why we have technology. It wasn't as good as you remember, take off your rose coloured glasses)

*People that constantly talk about how busy they are (Now we've been guilty of this on occasion, but you know the ones.     
Always crapping on about where they have been or where they are going etc,etc. Chill the fuck out or shut the fuck up!)

*People who don't think signs apply to them (such as No Parking, No Stopping etc.. They DO apply to you, even if you are 105)

These are just a few of the things that I am intolerant of, please feel free to add any of your own. I would love to know that I am  not the only one with issues.

DONT FORGET WERE ALL MADD HERE!!! Have a great weekend...
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Hey all,Today I want to ask the question,"so who makes the rules for whats considered normal? Are we really as tolerant & accepting as we think?"
Being a part of the were all madd here crew makes gaging what is considered normal & what we consider normal a very blurry line indeed.I'm talking both big & small stuff lets explore a few case scenarios shall we:

* we are a blended family by definition but we are not,what we are is a family fullstop I hate the whole labelling thing.I get that it can be a little hard for people to grasp the whole but she's 10 years older than him with 2 kids from a previous relationship & now they are married with 3 more kids with weird names.10 years down the track this is a non issue for us,we are just a family doing our family thing with all the highs & lows associated, thats totally normal is'nt it?

*my 3 youngest kids have unusual names,Bam,Spy & Nyx now people get a grip here, unusual names are not a new thing because really unless you have a biblical name at one stage in the timeline your name would have been considered unusual,I have always said if my children have issues with their names as they get older they can change it to whatever they wish, no biggie.Unfortunately people cannot help but express themselves in regard to what you call your children, as if it has anything to do with them anyways? Hey reality check,people used to call their kids Fanny & Dick back in the day. I'm just glad I wasn't named after my genitalia if you know what I mean?

*My younger 2 boys have lovely blond curly hair,that I don't cut much hence it's long,well fuck me dead if this isn't an issue for a lot of people,especially a lot of middle aged people who lived through the 60's (fucking flower power people) & more than likely had very long hair that their parents hated (did the drugs fuck your memories that much?). The really old people who say things like "what lovely girls you have" don't bother me at all they probably have eyesight issues & can't see very well anyways, it's people that have grown up without the expectation of a short back & sides that really piss me off...example: I have a relative that just about every time we see them, has to make the comment "I can't wait to see the boys with their first proper big boy hair cuts", why?, will it make difference to their spirit,personality? I do the old smile & say nothing all the while thinking to myself "fuck off,It's comments like yours that make hope they never want to cut their hair & one day wrap their lovely locks around your throat & choke you with it" (anger issues much?).
The worst thing is Bam got off the bus last week walked in & said to me "mum, I have to get my hair cut" when I asked him why he replied with "the kids on the bus told me i should have a hair cut" to say I was upset & angry& sad & all that are an understatement,it's 2012 peeps,have we learn't nothing about individuality in the last 50 years including teaching your children that not everybody looks the same & thats O.K too? I let him know that if that was what he really wanted,no problem he could cut his hair but I also gently reminded him that lots of boys have or have had long hair including his daddy & his poppy & that he did not have to fit into anyones idea of what he should look like,that if he was happy with how he looked that was all that mattered.Seems peer group pressure starts very early indeed but I am happy to report he still has his gorgeous locks,it takes strength to be who you are even at 6!

*A similar issue we are confronting is with the way the kids choose to dress,now my mr Spy guy is an individual dresser through & through. His favourite colour is orange & around the house his favourite thing to wear is simply underpants,nothing more nothing less. This makes for interesting trips to the bus stop to  wave Bam off of a morning (the bus stop is across the road). I'm  sure it must be quite a sight to see this little man child with a semi afro of with blond curls,standing out the front of the house in his undies (sometimes with a little something stashed down the front,giving him a hefty "package") with not a care in the world for what anyone else would think of him,waving his big brother off,but this morning I noticed some of the kids on the bus pointing & laughing. He didn't notice but my heart broke a little for him know that, soon enough he may have to tone down his individual flair,just so as to appease other children his age & not become a target for their cruelty. I don't want him to feel like he has to change or tone down his personality to be accepted or liked,that being who he is,is all that matters.I'm not saying I think he should be allowed to wear his undies everywhere we go,just that i worry for the innocence he will lose as his awareness of other people & their reactions increases.
I suppose what I'm really worrying & wondering about "is there a certain moulding & tweeking of our personalities that we just have to do,to be members of society?" Is it possible to be accepted by a wider community or should feeling ridiculed & different be par for the course if you choose to be a "little out there"?, "Are any of us really as tolerant as we like to think we are?" & lastly "whats normal anyway?".....
As for my use of profanity.I'm pretty sure it's very above normal but sometimes it feels so good to verbalise that, geez i wanna punch someone in the face feeling,loudly & dramatically! or is that just me?......
 Don't forget we're all madd here :)

Hey all,Today Ithought I'd share with you a few lessons I have learned on my parenting journey raising my 5 kids (please note some of these are said in jest...or are they?)
Here is my do not list:
*Do not try to teach your child to talk any sooner than they are ready,you will regret it most every minute of the day from then on in,little people do not have a mute switch & will take every opportunity to waffle crap to you from the minute they wake up untill well after they have been put into bed for the night. Example: after being put into bed they will continue to yell from their beds that they are not tired but thirsty,they then need to go the toilet,they feel a nightmare coming on ect,ect,ect untill you eventually go to bed yourself so you don't have to listen anymore...
 *Expanding on the the talking Do Not ever let your child learn to whistle...mr S 4  has learn't this dreadful habit so now does he not only whistle on the car constantly,he also whistles at me to get my attention like I am a dog...I repeat DO NOT EVER LET YOUR CHILD WHISTLE!
*Do not  teach your child to answer the phone,as they cannot read they don't know not to answer phone calls from overseas telemarketers or your relatives you do not wish to speak to.
*Do not ever cook anything mildly interesting that takes more than 10 minutes,not only will they not eat it you will probably burn it because your busy doing other things for them & you won't eat it either then! My suggestions for a meal rotation are as follows: spag bol,2min noodles,pies,cereal,spag bol,toast,sausages & mash,2min noodles,spag bol ect,ect,ect
*Do not toilet train them untill they are 10,then you won't ever be faced the senario of being almost finished the grocery shopping only to have to abandon it,whilst running frantically through the shopping centre with a child screaming ït's coming,it's coming! lucky you if it's only a wee....
*Do not buy them expensive toys untill they are at least 5,before this just give them a bunch of empty boxes & some pegs,they seem to enjoy those so much better or better yet give toys meant for them to their brother or sister then you can be sure they will want to play with them..
*NEVER give your child lollies or fizzy drink,that stuff is like crack for kids,they will never be the same again & you will never hear the end of them nagging for more of whatever it is they want & never leave them unsupervised with a bag of any lollie they will hoover those things down faster than you can say "Where are those lollies that were on the bench?",they will then run around in circles,screaming for at least 45 mins...I repeat sugar is crack to kids!
Now for my do list..this list is designed to make your life easier,your very welcome!
*Do teach your child to turn on the T.V as soon as you can,this will help you get 5 minutes more sleep of a morning (hey 5 mins is a lot when you are a parent)
*Do teach your child that dry bread is yummy so that you may extend your morning sleep in to 10 mins (make sure you leave it near the T.V so they can acesses it straight up)
*teach them to make their beds as soon as they get out of them,this is one of the harder tips but will be well worth it in the long run,it sucks fighting with them day after bloody day to make your bed,train them early.
*When your child is in the first years of infants school,double check everything they tell you,double check dates,mufti days,fetes ect,ect (so you don't get stuck looking like a fuckwit when you send your child dressed in something stupid on the wrong day,not only will your child still blame you when they gave you the dud info in the first place but the parents will look at you with distain & the teacher may call a special meeting to acess your parenting skills,this happened to me last week)
*Teach your kids that it's O.K to wear your pj's all day if your not going anywhere,who needs more washing I ask?
*Todays final & perhaps most important tip is teach your child to ask daddy for whatever it is they want,if mummy's on the computer!
Hope this helps in some way to make your parenting journey much easier....below is a little slideshow of parenting tips for babies I thought were especially handy! (all images borrowed from google) 

Hey guys following on from yesterdays spectacularly successful post (check out all the comments...) I have decided to share with you some of my favorite wtf moments caught on camera over the last 12 months...your welcome! 
We have a window licker! wtf?
So the easter hats a little big...wtf?
I don't remember wanting to be a big fat zebra & I don't remember Mitch looking like a 70's porn star...wtf?
it was COLD o.k! wtf?
so cute,so wrong...wtf?
he loves a mustachio..wtf?
I told him to slow down,he would'nt listen,I got a kodak moment! wtf?
Honey your doing it wrong...wtf?
your supposed to get undressed before you get in the bath babe...wtf?
Your a redneck if you let your baby have a gun..wtf? (It's a pretend gun peoples settle down there)
My personal hygiene products are no even sacred...wtf?
I found this in our enclosed backyard.we do NOT have a dog...wtf?




hey guys,I'm short on time today so as i was eating my lunch,I was trolling google as you do & came across these beauty's,please enjoy but question still remains....wtf?
i got nuthin for this gem except wtf?
i like fresh milk but really? wtf?
dude you never a girl kiss? wtf?
i have no words...wtf?
that baby's thinking wtf...
wtf? that shits nasty!
All images via google images,thats for that google my eyes.my eyes!
Morning all, Today we are stepping back in time to november 2011 so I can recount what turned out to be one of the best weekends of my adult life. 
My fabulous buddy Aunty Carlz organized a weekend away for my 40th birthday with my best friends in the whole world,her,Weeza & Ron to the big smoke aka Sydney for the Foo Fighters concert. Lucky much?
We stayed in a fabulous apartment right on the edge of chinatown (my favorite place to eat anywhere) & rocked,ate,drank,laughed,talked to old tranny's,drank some more,shared bathrooms with hookers,took lots of pictures,got a tattoo,did karoke & had the best time ever!
I could waffle on all day about the things we did,didn't do & the jokes we made but I think for this post I will let the video's & pictures do the talking...
Aunty Carlz made it into a short movie which turned out great but i can't get it up here maybe she will link it in the comments section or if you really wanna watch it check out her youtube channel goldensieve (its the one titled Foo Fighters)
I have even uploaded my first vlog,please forgive my morning after appearance & manky eye! 
These chicks rock my world! I would not be who I am today without them & I certainly can't imagine my world without them in it...love you guys big x
Please comment good,bad or otherwise it lets me know I'm not the only one reading this....

Morning all,todays post is all about me & the way I feel in regard to my life.I certainly do not wish to make light of mental illness although it may seem as if I wil.Mental illness is something that is very real in my life & runs through my family very strongly,my mother has struggled with it for as long as i can remember.
I have been sick for about a week with what started as a flu & has ended in broncitis as it usually does with me(you know all my heathy habits & the like),but as a working mother there in reality is no time to actually rest & put ones feet up to recover.So by yesterday morning I found myself very sick,tired & well & truely fed the fuck up with my boys behaviour,the said boys, aged 6 & almost 4 has been steadly deteriorating over the course of the week as they grasped that I was sick & vunerable to take easy options to keep them off my case.I woke up feeling very ordinary to walk out to a house that look like it had vomited on itself & the kids fighting with each other at 7am & just started sinking emotionally,by 9.30am I was done trying to negotiate,bribe,reason & started  yelling at them.It was then it dawned on me to think to myself "umm o.k so is this what a nervous breakdown feels like?" Because I felt like it was just all too much,too hard,that I was failing at what was my main priority,that parenting my own children was the most challenging,energy sapping,stupidly hard,least enjoyable thing I had ever done & at that moment I just wanted to quit! To walk no wait, run the fuck away & not think about them for an indefinate amout of time....
So did I do it?
 No I didn',t I promply burst into the biggest fit of ugly,loud, snot filled tears that made everyone stop & take notice.Not that that was what I had been hoping to achieve,I just needed to get that horrid sinking feeling out of my body & that was the only way I knew how (I'm not a big cryer, normally I am quite staunch according to Aunty Carlz)
Mr Fix it came running to my aid & wrapped me in a lovely warm embrace somewhat reminding me why I still choose to be here & gently reminded me that it won't be like this forever & that I was very much loved by all,that it would be fine & it's all just small stuff.
 I know in my heart & my head that it is all just small stuff & I am constantly greatful to have a blessed life with fortunate,healthy children but sometimes the pressure just builds in my head, it becomes overwhelming being responsible for all these lives,all these people that need loving,teaching,feeding,disiplining,understanding,clothing,cleaning,guiding sometimes in the dark of the night I start to doubt the sort of mother I am,the sort of person I am & wonder am I doing a good enough job,could someone else do this better?
 Granted I could probably run around outside with them more & do a little more craft with them but really in my heart of hearts I know that I am the best person for the job,that I know each one of them inside & out,I know all the best & worst of their personality's,because I am their mother & this IS where I am meant to be,the good,the bad & slight breakdowns are all part of the journey we are on together.
Do you know that breakdown feeling I'm talking about? that fight or flight instinct kicking in? please tell me you do or if not can you recommend a great shrink perhaps I need one or maybe thats what this blog is for....
don't forget we're all madd here (quite apt today really) j9 x

Hey there,remember me? No,well thats to be expected because I am the worlds most irregular blogger ever,but I'm back for now on my new little netbook I got today.Which if all goes to plan should enable me too blog on the go (unfortunately I can't do it from my i-phone because weebly needs a flash enabled device & although I looked into changing my blog host,I'm just to lazy to start all over again).
So stay tuned for some upcoming posts on such varied topics as "we got married after 10 years together","Fisho's" & "Help,my kids are feral"as well as a few vlogs both old & new & some awesome guest posts (um,by the way anyone want to guest post for me? anyone,anyone? come on bitches help a girl out! please!
Anyways to end tonights little chat I'm going to ask you a question,what sort of posts are you interested in reading? Would you prefer to just expect the unexpected or would you prefer I was more organised & had certain posts eg: kids mondays,food tuesdays,fashion wednesdays (shut up I can do fashion! I fuck who even says fashion anymore?) you get my drift,don't you? Please let me know via comment or our facebook page or even tweet me (j9mrox) tell me what your ideas for my blog are!
ramble over...thanks for dropping by wereallmaddhere x