Try to imagine what it feels like to wave your adult child off at the airport for their trip of a lifetime....excitied for them,a bit nervous,are they prepared to live on their own in a foreign country or perhaps a touch jelous as in "lucky devil wish it was me", try to imagine what it feels like to get the call no parent ever wants to deal with...hello mrs such & such your son is missing...yes missing without a trace on the other side of the bloody world in, as it turns out very bizarre circumstances.
 This is what some very close,very special people that i know have had happen to their family in the last year & it still does'nt  feel real to me,but it feels very fucking real to them because it is what happened to them & continues to happen because there are still no answers as to what has happened to Owen Rooney, he is still missing over 8 months later in Canada & apparently no-one knows anything....
Well you want to know what i think? too bad i'm telling you anyways...
Someone,somewhere knows something,actually, it's most likely there is more than one person that knows what happened to Owen Rooney & we have to find those people & find out what they know so that we can bring Owie home,because thats where he belongs with his one-of-a-kind totally devoted family known to me as "the rooney's",whom, have all put their own lives on hold to cris cross the massive country that is Canada looking for their son/brother & whom untill now have only been getting more questions than they have answers from everybody involved in this case. Please watch 60 minutes tonight,join Owen's facebook page,twitter,talk to everyone, anyone about this...because at his stage hope is all we've got to keep going,hope that the story triggers someones memory or concience or whatever & we need to get some good solid evidence that leads the Rooney's to Owen because imagine what it must feel like to fly into sydney airport without him,questions unanswered & still no closer to the truth...I have a question too....why the Rooney's it just does'nt seem fair....

So apparently it's the end of the world tomorrow,it's got something to do with the bible & noah & floods & numbers,the book of revalations & a worldwide let me set you straight i ain't religious as a matter of fact i can't even spell it,i give my heartfelt thanks to mother earth regularly,without being a freaky hippie,i prefer my freaky straight up...but the more i start thinking about this the more the droplets of paranoia start join up into puddles fuck. Like there have been a LOT of earthqukes big earthquakes lately don't cha think (new zealand,japan,china,spain) & floods everywhere (australia,america,pakistan ect) & big motherfuckin bush fires (australia,greece,currently canada)  are we heading for a massive earthquake,is mother earth finally so pissed at us stupid greedy humans for wrecking her beautiful,perfect,self sustaining planet that she's flippin her wig & fucking us all off it?
 I personally would have snapped long ago,so anyway now that i'm fully paranoid not only because we live a couple of streets back from the beach & are right on sea level...tsunami anyone..what do i do with the last day of my life?
* well i would have let the kids wagg school but i let them do that already this week bam tuesday when we went to play at the most beautiful park in the world mick ryan in milton & mitch yesterday just cause i like having some extra time with him...& education is important yes kids i want you to die educated..
*i'm gonna have chinese for lunch just in case it's my last meal...cause abby & ej are cooking dinner...
*the one thing i do know is i am not going to do a scrap of housework at all because if the shits goin down tomoz i don't care that my house is a mess..& if the shit doesn't go down everyone's home tomoz to help yay!
*last but not least i am frantically googling richard dean andersons details so we can put Macguyver on the case & all relax cause if anyone can...macguyver can!!
Well my friends till we meet again which rational me says is here tomorrow but paranoid me says that it may be in the fires of  mother natures wrath,may your last day on earth be your best one ever!! don't forget "we're all madd here"..or maybe it's just me?

I would rather go on a survival mission with Bear Grylls & bite the head off a snake than deal with sick children...true story goodbye...
how hot is that!!
Bam: I'm never getting married
me: oh thats cool...why not?
Bam: cause i'm gonna be a Ninja!
me: of course...
gotheftosleep...amazing book!
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hey guys,i'm not one to gush to freely on about anything...hang on..the fuck i'm not,so anyways the always finger on the pulse aunty ses sent me this in an email last night & it fucking made my day!! i love it & will proudly read it to my children & grandchildren! o.k so maybe i won't,i'll wait till they can read by themselves & casually leave it laying around for them to read to each other...nice! it's going on the same shelf as "where did i come from",the womens weekly birthday cakes for kids,my janet evanovich series of stephanie plums...or in other words the classics shelf! wish i had of thought to write it....bummer!
see below i  feel like this a lot...
hey all...well it's been far too long again since we have caught up & i totally take full responsibility for this fact. It's not like I haven't wanted to speak to you guys,it's just that i have spent a lot of time reading other peoples blogs & they are all so good & funny & well stuff that i have been doubting myself & my ability to connect & stay connected with you (whoever you are...actually i know who you are smiles & waves at aunty ses,ron,weeza) & in saying that i have probably spoken to you on the phone today already....
my problem seems to be a connection problem from my brain to my fingers,i think up all these things are want to talk about but when push comes to shove i can't seem to write it down the way i want it to sucks arse & makes me feel like i'm wasting everyones time & valuable cyberspace.
Anyway laying in bed last night, hang on sitting up in bed last night as miss nyx is sick with a flu & all she wanted was to use my right breast as a dummie,oh the joys!! I had a bit of an epithany (spelling) i'm just going to write what i feel without thought to whom may or may not be reading this little bit of with no further ado I am on my way,it kinda feels like a road to know where but thats o.k too cause as the sandman said if your not moving your boring & fuck that i refuse to be beige...big love & never forget we're all madd here....  p.s when i work this website set up out i will definately post links to some of my favorite blogs but 3 of my top faves are random ramblings of a stay at home mum,edenland & woogsworld definately check them out awesome aussie chicks keeping it real....