It's easier to become than you think...
After moving to "the house that love bought" which involves 7 people & recently 2 cats,I have decided that I am not one of those lovely housewives from the fifties, who looks as though she enjoys every minute of shining that sink & scrubbing that dunny (I also think there is a reason Valium was routinely givin to these women in particular).I am in fact potentially heading into trailer park trash territory.
It creeps up on you,slowly but surely, the clutter accumulates,if you do not assign a place for everything as soon as it enters the house it will haunt you for months as floor,bench,bed litter,I have baskets full of I'll deal with that later stuff...
The backyard becomes the graveyard of toys that no one cares about anymore & if it has a fire drum &your grass does not grow well & it's kind of muddy all the better for aesthetics.
My car in particular makes my cheeks burn with embarrassed shame,it is a write off, always messy with stuff nobody wants to bring inside & try to find a spot for.jackets,shoes,junk mail,rubbish,drink bottles& food scraps, although looking at that list makes me feel that if we ever broke down in the desert, our chances of survival are quite high according to Bear Grylls!
Having five children a automatically makes you semi trailer park & the fact those 5 children make it hard to shower as regularly & thoughly as you would like means you often have slightly greasy hair.
A once groovy dresser can now be found wearing strech jersey & trackpants because of their easy care labels & the cost of clothing five kids.
If you swear, I dare you not to with five kids.Your backyard is probably not the place for you can be assured that will be when the local dog walkers will walk past your house & think to themselves "trailer park",worse if you child swears back.

So what's the answer to this? Well either I pull my finger out go to the Dr get a script for Valium & see if that makes any difference to my house working skills or I dye my hair blond,find a husband named Earl & change my name to Joy...
What do you think?
Today I'm tackling the big issues...
Question of the day: now this may or may not be a real question but it's "were all madd here" so keep that in mind!
So just imagine that you busted your 4 yr old brushing the cat with his 17 yr old sisters toothbrush but since you had words with said 17 yr old this morning about not doing the dishes,you are seriously considering not telling her...would this be wrong?
Please share your thoughts below...
"see how much he loves it I rub his tummy!"
Hey people's,Today's little rant is bought to you by a Western Australian politician who wants to overturn the Great White sharks protected status & perhaps start culling them.
Let's start at the beginning shall we? Yesterday the unfortunate news came through that a W.A surfer had been taken by a shark, most likely a Great White.
Now please do not get me wrong,my heart goes out to the family of this young man,it's a terrible tragedy that he was taken in such horrific circumstances,I cannot not nor would I wish to fathom the pain this family is in
I do not for one second think that hunting down & killing the shark will make this situation any better for anybody but apparently there are people who think this may be a good idea & then there are other people like the W.A pollie who want to go a step further & overturn the sharks protected status with the option for a cull.
Living in a coastal town has given me plenty of acess to surfing culture & I can't think of any surfers who would want the shark hunted down & killed if this were to be their fate,the surfing community has & will always have a very strong environmental slant that basically decrees we are entering their domain,we take our chances because the ocean is a special force & nothing special is without risk.
Nearly everything comes with risk,we can minimize the risk bit never really remove it completely,wether it be driving,swimming,climbing,walking there is risk but if there is a car accident & someone is killed we don't cull the cars,if someone drowns, we don't drain all the pools,if a branch falls on someone we don't chop all the trees down & I feel the same about shark attacks we cannot kill all the sharks because they are a risk factor in enjoying the ocean,we must just factor them into the equation,weight up the risks,look at the stats (they are very low when you think about how many people enjoy the ocean every year) & then make an informed decision as to wether we want to enter the ocean or not.
I don't spend a great deal of time in the ocean anymore because I am shark phobic,they fucking terrify me but they also fascinate me & you can be sure I'll be the one reading,watching,listening to anything about them,come shark week on pay t.v you'll know where to find me ( yep at a friends with pay t.v) this is also why I don't do boating,fuck that boats sink....
The bottom line for me is sharks play an important role in the ocean & we have already put them under massive pressure with things like overfishing & pollution,I don't think culling them solves the problem it just lulls people into a false sense of security really...
I the scaredy cat of sharks don't want them hunted down or killed...what about you?
Please excuse punctuation & spelling I'm on my phone & I don't know how to spell wether in the right context (help me out?):)
Hey guys,Today I'm diving straight in with my thoughts on a what could well become or is becoming a real issue with our kids...internet porn.
Now some of you will have already heard me express my concerns about this particular issue as it's something that I feel quite strongly about on a few levels & having teenagers has only brought it to the forefront.
I'll be the first to admit that I don't have a great deal of experience with porn,yes I watched "Debbie does Dallas" as a teen in the 80's on vhs at a party & flicked through a friends dads "Ribald" mags (holy crap),I even spent a lot of time reading penthouse articles at another friends who was by his own admission a pornaholic but to me it was always kinda seedy & dirty with the faint air of desperation.
Anyways as part of my research for this post I had a quick look on my phone free porn...geez! Well lets just say that there is plenty available & it is certainly free & it's totally what I would class as hardcore.
It seems to be that normal vaginal penetration is not enough anymore it's all about group sex,anal & degradation of the woman by verbal & physical means. The more I think about the sort of things I saw & they were just the tip of the iceberg,the more it freaks me out that young boys are growing up on a diet of this stuff well before they have any real experience of  sex with a girl & how does this alter their expectations of what real sex will be like?
How much more pressure does this put on young girls to live up to their boyfriends expectations? There was nothing romantic about what I saw.
Will this constant flow of hardcore desenstize our boys to "normal sex"? Will they keep pushing for more from the girls they are with & we all know there's always a girl who will do whats asked,regardless of if it's what she wants or not.
The stuff I saw showed a complete disregard for STD prevention (dude if it's been in your bum don't ever put it anywhwere else untill you've had a shower ewww)
Really, the point I think I'm trying to make with this post is our kids have 24hr a day access to this stuff nowadays & if you think for one minute that they are not watching this stuff you are only fooling yourself,primary school age kids can get to this stuff & will given half a chance,it's about teaching them about whats real life, whats fantasy & how to not blur the lines too much.
So how do we communicate all these things not only to our boys but our girls as well?
I don't know? I have spoken to mr16 a lot about this,I like to bring it up in the car,he's trapped so he has to listen but we don't have to look eye to eye so it's a bit easier & I was pretty straight up,I just said "I want you to know that most girls you have sex with will not want you to cum all over their face & they won't be comfortable with anal sex at least not in the first stages of a relationship maybe not ever & that he needed to respect that,girls in porno's get paid to do that stuff IT'S NOT REAL LIFE!"
I really don't know what the answers are but I do know that we as parents have to really bite the bullet & confront & discuss this with our kids regardless of how hard or embarrassing it may be,we need to help them understand that life ain't always what it seems in the movies & nor do we want it to least I don't want my daughters thinking thats what they have to do/be to keep a boy interested! being a teenager sure aint getting any easier....
What are your thoughts on this issue?
Please excuse spelling