Hey,hey, Welcome to one of my classiest posts yet! It's the spritely tale of my relationship with my dunny...I only realised today the huge amount of energy I invest in our toilet, what with saying it,visiting it,cleaning it,protecting it,did I mention cleaning it...
 Yesterday afternoon Bam developed a case of runny bum,now thats kinda o.k but,he suffers from this slight problem of short arms,which renders him useless at wiping his own bum (he reaches his back fine shame he doesn't crap from there) so 37 bum wiping missions later I was fairly well over it.
i am also lucky enough to be the mother of a child who does not like to go to the toilet untill it's an absolute emergency,so there will be me yelling "you will not get anything untill you go to the toilet" & Spy will stand there doing the I'm busting to go the toilet dance whilst saying to me "but I don't need to go",untill he screams "help me it's coming"....& this I'm sure is an overshare but Spy can lay some cable let me tell you,he might only go every second day but by gingo's I now know what a true "pile of shit is" because Spy creates his own pyramid type structures regularly....but the worst toilet problem I face at the moment is miss Nyx & her new found super power of chucking things in the shitter.
 Over the last few weeks I have had my hand in my revolting toilet more times than I care to remember fishing such things as toothbrushes (depends on whose it is as to whether I replace or not...yeah kids be afraid) the home cordless phone,it kinda still works but only on speakerphone,mighty beans but don't tell Bam he vomits when he hears that kind of stuff...no really he does,underpants anybody's will do & in the last 24 hours 3 full rolls of toilet paper lucky I buy that stuff in bulk i tells you!
 Anyway I shall keep trying to keep the throne room door shut at all times,so little miss Nyx can find a new obsession to replace this toilet one that's getting kinda old fast & I shall keep reminding the boys big & little to make sure your penis is in the toilet before you do a wee & please flush when you are finished....love you all & don't forget were all madd here all the time!

hey,hey! Well after a very pleasing positive vibe about last weeks debut weekly post "fuck you friday" were back with another bitchin post.
I got to thinking about the dynamics of a regular "fuck you friday" post,
Things like, with nasty words like fuck,shit,prick & kids how will I ever get my blog sponsored by some big forward thinking company so I can attend the biggest blogging confrence on the planet next year in New York @bloggher12 (dreamin I know)
Will I be able to regularly come up with something cool to write about? 
Will I attract negative energy so that bad things will keep happening,or will I starting looking for the bad in situations rather than the good?
Can you imagine what it's like in my head? fuck it's busy i'll tell you that!! Anyways I have no answers to any of these questions but I do know that I'm just going to keep this space as true to myself as I can without filters & just be j9 cause thats who I am...moving right along!

This weeks "fuck you friday" is sponsored by some old fuckwit in milton......
 The story starts on lovely sunny winters day at Milton showground,where Spy,Nyx & myself have arrived for our morning of kindergym.As we are waiting to be let in a cattle dog (not full grown) comes running up to Nyx,he was by no means aggressive but very playful & rough,I grab Nyx's arm whilst trying to keep the dog from jumping on her with my mad ninja foot skills....his owner appeared to be an old fellow who was wandering up calling the dog but by no means rushing to help! By this stage I'm starting to get dizzy for the doughnuts i'm doing with the dog trying to keep him off my kid, so here's where it gets interesting i yell out "come & get your dog now or i'm going to kick it" (you know cause i'm classy like that) by this stage the dog has seen Spy who is holding a sausage roll in his hand & has moved on too jumping on him, I grab the dog walk over to this old fellow & say very loudly because I now have 2 distressed children,o.k i yelled, if you can't control your dog keep it on a leash,what just happened is not o.k & he said wait for it.....why don't you keep your kids on a lead! boom,boom wtf, you crazy old fool my kids are perfectly entitled to be here they were not running wildly or away from me,what are you talking about anyways,he gave me more attitude which resulted in me rushing up to him & telling him to GET AWAY NOW! (I really wanted to kickbox him in the neck) & it put me in a stabby mood for the rest of the day.....
disclaimer: I love dogs am not an animal hater or anything it's about being responsible for your animal,just as I am expected to be responsible for my kids same rules apply I think? do you? please comment....

A quick update on last week "fuck you friday" post about the fence, well it's now sunday of the next week & I still don't have a fence....FUCK...I's a fucking joke & mother nature's not helping me any with rain, bitch!
You guys know that I love it when you comment so please do,or you know I'll cut sick on your asses next time I see you!! never forget "wereallmaddhere" xx
  P.s I have got some guest post's coming up soon,if you would like to contribute to "wereallmaddhere" please let me know!!! j9mrox@hotmail.com

this is how i look of a morning....no seriously!
Hey,hey,hey welcome to "Fuck you friday" our new regular friday feature where you can feel free to vent whatever it is thats pissing you off,because as we all know it's better out than in baby! So please don't hesitate to comment with your  "fuck you friday" gripe,I would love to not be the only one with a bad attitude sometimes....

Todays "fuck you friday" post is coming to you from my landlord...now don't get me wrong,he's not a bad man, unless you think that tight arse,drive byin,don't want to fix nothin but when i do fix it i ain't tellin you i'm coming is bad, then he is...
 Today's story goes something like this, I arrive home from the school run still half pajama clad (you know cause i'm classy like that) to find 2 men in my backyard ripping down my side fence WTF...it turns out it is my landlords brother & sidekick & they are replacing the fence. O.k cool so when do you expect to finish this job is my query & i quote "hopefully by the middle of next week weather depending" um hello fuckwit, i have 3 children under 5 & will not have a fence to keep them off the street for at least 5 days WHAT!!! Why would you start this job on a friday, when you know you are not going to be able to finish it by the weekend?? why,why,why....
My biggest gripe with this situation (apart from the fact i think they should pay for a nanny to come look after my feral children that i can't let outside) is the lack of communication,he did say he tried to call & left a message,well thats one of those things we will never know because i did not get a msg & i really don't think anybody should have started anything untill there was a clear conversation between us,but it's all too late for that now as i am now technically living with my neighbours,as if they were'nt close enough before! FUCK!
 I also have a toothache & a sore eye just to make life a little more bitchin & a 14 mth old who does not like to sleep ever fullstop,fuck me dead i'm on a whinge roll here, lady!

 Anyways because i'm am a lucky son of a bitch with a stop traffic terriffic bestie,who feels sorry for me regularly,i am out of this cesspit for the evening and off for woodfired pizza & plenty of liquid refreshment.When these rare moments happen anything is possible & i will try to get photo's of the crazy that will be us enjoying ourselves! 
 As i said before please feel free to join the fuckfest by commenting below,it won't change anything,but by fuck it makes you feel much better! loves youse all! j9 p.s don't forget wereallmaddhere!!!! 

this is what my children regulary look at their dinner like...
i would like to say a big thanks to the stay at home babe for the inspiration for "fuck you friday's"  check out her blog it's so much better than this shiz...
I don't want this to be a sad post,I want it to be a joyous reminder of the impact special people have on our lives & why it's important to love big everyday!
That dude on the left he's my uncle Gregory charles Bower or Greggo as I liked to call him & last sunday was the 4 year anniversary of his passing at the hands of one of the most evil,insidious diseases going Motor neurone.It's a horrid thing where your body shuts down slowly, leaving your mind fine but unable to control your muscles untill you can't walk anymore or hold a cup or chew or talk or in the end even breath,it's yuck for everyone involved & frustrating as well, as there is no cure,but to wait for death....

Anyways this is my story of my uncle Greggo,
I can not remember ever not having him in my life,being an only child untill i was 8 & coming from a single parent family he was my constant father figure,at over 6ft tall & with a strapping build he made me feel safe physically but the fact that he seemed to enjoy being with kids made me feel special.
He was a natural teacher with infinate patience but when you fired him up you knew the shit was going down,talk about crappin my pants but it was rare & it was over fast,i don't remember him holding a grudge ever! 
He had great taste in music & loved to crank the music up loud some of my most treasured memories are of dancin with the big fella! 
He also loved to eat anything sweet but especially bakery sweets like apple turnovers the more cream the better,that would be after 2 meat pies of course or devon & tomato sauce sangers yummo!
He was a motor bike rider,he had a big 1970's BMW touring bike that he would ride everywhere,him my aunty Rob & their dog fred all on the bike together it was awesome...he sometimes would bring me from Sydney down the coast on it for holidays man I felt like the shit on those trips,I must of been like 10, it felt like we were going 500 k's an hour on the highway i fricken loved it!!
He also taught me to play card games you know like 21 & that but he also taught me to play the card game "grass" & it continues to be a family favorite in this house today Abby & Mitch both play it as well! I am aware it's not politically correct but i don't care it's just a game get over it.
I could talk for days about the things he taught me,did with me & did for me,the list is endless but i will stop here....


 What i did do last sunday was visit him had a quick chat & Aunty Rob,my cuzzy bro Lee-Lee (his daughter) & myself  went to Mollymook golf club had some lunch & slapped the pokies just the way he liked to do before he left...
The saddest part of the day for me is that Bam,Spy & Nyx miss out on getting to know this amazing man who would have loved them just as much as i do & that my stories of him don't do him the justice he deserved,I wish I did'nt have to tell them stories of him,I wish he was still here....I wish