I've been waiting for this post to be ready to come to life,it's been a few months of gut wrenching heartache,loneliness,insomnia,isolation,it's been really really hard...it still is.
Mr 16 decided a few months ago that he wanted to live with his dad full-time.Now don't get me wrong from the moment his father & I decided when he was 4 to go our seperate ways,this was something I knew would happen at some point. Then it happened...& it floored me.
I cannot properly articulate the ways in which this has made me feel,the sadness it sweeps in like a fog & envelopes me,the powerlessness,this was his choice to make,he is 16 I must respect him & his decisions,the loneliness,I know I am not the only parent to go through this but I sure feel like it,the shame,I feel like I failed him,why else would he want to leave,the selfishness,this is not about me it's about him & what's best for him.
A few months in he seems to be going really well.I don't see a lot of him but I text him regularly (16yr old boys don't seem to phone chat like girls do)
I tread lightly with him,I don't want to push him further away by being all crazy needy but I always let him know I miss him.
When I do see him I hold my tears untill he leaves,he doesn't need me guilt trippin him.
I miss his jokes & his cooking,I am also starting to realise he was the only one in the house that really listened to anything I said...
His little sister misses him a lot & that breaks me everytime,it's like he died but he didn't because we see him & it's heart shattering all over again...
I don't know if & when it will get better,will it ever?
I do know the lessons that are to be learned from this are long,hard,very painful & bloody heart breaking....
Anyone got any words of wisdom? I sure could use some...j9
So we went to the beach again this morning,the same beach as yesterday,slightly further up & this happened...
So if you saw yesterday's video,it may just confirm that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree or something,something...
Love my guys big...j9
Welcome to our second installment of wereallmaddhere.com/tv.
Sorry about the crap sound quality but it was blowing a gale,not so good for filming but great exfoliation for ones legs...;)
Hehehe...just slightly short of the water babe!
Could not have planned that if I tried! J9 ;)
Why hello there!
Today's ramble is one I have been thinking a lot about lately,it involves my children & sometimes my husband & the fact that the better I get to know them all,the more I realise I think I have created idiots...if life were really survival of the fittest they wouldn't last 5mins!
I love them all dearly or something,something & have had a great laugh remembering all the stupid things they have done that made this list below,so with no further ado I present to you a list of some of the crazy things my family have done...

-miss A has no idea of just how dangerous electricity can be I realised as I watched her about to put a knife into a plugged in toaster...(this was fairly recently)

-mr B once thought it would be a tasty treat to eat the moisture absorbing beads he received with some other present

-mr M was banned from riding his moto bike after repeatedly using the car to stop instead of the brakes

-miss N doesn't bother to unwrap the lollies before she eats them,down the hatch plastic wrapping & all

-Mr Fixit recently tried to kill us all by nearly feeding us green potato mash,dude green potatoes are poisonous!

-miss A honey,your breakfast cereal does not go in your nose,that thing was wedged in there good I tells ya!

-I can't remember who it was that drank a whole glass of straight cordial but really folks how do you not realise that shits not been watered down...

-mr S what is it with him & plastic bags on his head? A fetish perhaps? Geez!

-mr B recently wrapped his head in sticky tape,like dude you didn't think that through did ya? Ouch!

-miss N why would you deliberately poke yourself in the eye? Why?

-miss A babe please don't force your head through the veranda railing bars,it's very, very hard to get it back out again & the oil we had to use to lube your ears up was a bitch to get out of your hair...

-miss N if mummy says its hot,please don't touch it to check,yes it is hot & people burn!

-miss N again! Please don't headbutt things to see just how hard they are,the table is very hard darling just ask!

-all the small kids have a thing for the cats butt,do not touch the cats ring hole,he does not like it & there's no soap in the world that's gunna make me eat anything that your manky little hands have touched ever again!

-miss N has a thing for using her undies as a pocket,you do NOT want to know what I have found in there!

That's the list for today but I sure there will be plenty to add as the kids keep growing!
Tell me what things have your family or friends done that makes you think WTF?
J9 ;)
Hey people's,sorry it's been so long between posts but you know me,I'm nothing if not inconsistent...so anyway,today I thought I would show you a video we made.If your at all familiar with Bam my 6yr old you will be well aware that he is YouTube obsessed,so this is his first episode of we're all madd here TV...He is so going to be a presenter of some type maybe?
Is anyone in your household obsessed with anything?
Don't forget we're all madd here,as if the video didn't remind you...;)