Hey there,remember me? No,well thats to be expected because I am the worlds most irregular blogger ever,but I'm back for now on my new little netbook I got today.Which if all goes to plan should enable me too blog on the go (unfortunately I can't do it from my i-phone because weebly needs a flash enabled device & although I looked into changing my blog host,I'm just to lazy to start all over again).
So stay tuned for some upcoming posts on such varied topics as "we got married after 10 years together","Fisho's" & "Help,my kids are feral"as well as a few vlogs both old & new & some awesome guest posts (um,by the way anyone want to guest post for me? anyone,anyone? come on bitches help a girl out! please!
Anyways to end tonights little chat I'm going to ask you a question,what sort of posts are you interested in reading? Would you prefer to just expect the unexpected or would you prefer I was more organised & had certain posts eg: kids mondays,food tuesdays,fashion wednesdays (shut up I can do fashion! I fuck who even says fashion anymore?) you get my drift,don't you? Please let me know via comment or our facebook page or even tweet me (j9mrox) tell me what your ideas for my blog are!
ramble over...thanks for dropping by wereallmaddhere x