Hey there peoples, Hope the school holidays are treating you well? bahahahaha anyways as promised here is our easter wrapped up in one tidy little blog post!
The most exciting thing for me about easter these days is not bucket fulls of cheap,shiny (earth destroying palm oil filled) grainy crappy easter eggs but the annual public school easter hat parade!! Yes I'm one of those mothers who have no life to speak of & get very excited to plan what awesome recycled creation I am going to make my child wear in front of all his peers! That being said I do let the said child have some input into the process by asking "what sort of hat were you thinking for the easter hat parade babe?" & if you have any knowledge of the the we're all madd here household,you will not be at all surprised when mister 6 replied with "I want to be the shufflebot box head from the LMFAO filmclip Party rock anthem"  ahhh of course you do!
 So as is the way we roll,a shufflebot head it was! It actually turned out to be easier than expected as the big kids were down with this idea & miss 17 did most of the work! WINNING! 
With a recycled box I got from work,some reflectors mr fixit got from work,a couple of cans of spray paint,an old flyscreen & 2 i-pod speakers we were good to go! I have wrapped the making of into a little slideshow for you to watch below,as well as a short video of some very dodgy shufflling....enjoy!
So to wrap it up the hat was an outright sucess,his shufflebot head not only looked great it plugged into his i-pod & blasted LMFAO as he walked (I fricken love technology) & mister 6 came home from school with orders for shufflebot heads from his class mates! they are dreaming...

 We live in a small rural/fishing community that has an easter tradition that  celebrates easter with the annual "blessing of the fleet parade" it was brought here with the Italian families that are the backbone of our fishing fleet. It has grown to become an annual drawcard for our area & culminates with the blessing of the fleet princess ball & street parade. Mr 16 was involved this year as a partner for one of the princesses & so we have been involved with it first hand this year & I have to say I am so proud of all the hard work the kids put in with dancing practise,suit fittings,decorating floats & being fabulous role models for their generation.It started a couple of weeks ago with the actual blessing of the fleet princess ball & finished on sunday with massive parade of floats through the centre of town...mister 16 was a part of the 27 dresses float,so lucky for us I had a very bad wedding dress that needed a run! A great time was had by all & I am so proud of our town for holding on too tradition for the sake of the kids! Go us!!!
In finishing it was a great easter tempered by way to much chocolate consumed by the children resulting in feralness that surprised even me! & ruined by one person who manages to leave a trail of destruction where ever they go....but that my friends is a blog post for another day! 
 How was your easter? 
 & don't forget we're all madd here!