hey,hey! Well after a very pleasing positive vibe about last weeks debut weekly post "fuck you friday" were back with another bitchin post.
I got to thinking about the dynamics of a regular "fuck you friday" post,
Things like, with nasty words like fuck,shit,prick & kids how will I ever get my blog sponsored by some big forward thinking company so I can attend the biggest blogging confrence on the planet next year in New York @bloggher12 (dreamin I know)
Will I be able to regularly come up with something cool to write about? 
Will I attract negative energy so that bad things will keep happening,or will I starting looking for the bad in situations rather than the good?
Can you imagine what it's like in my head? fuck it's busy i'll tell you that!! Anyways I have no answers to any of these questions but I do know that I'm just going to keep this space as true to myself as I can without filters & just be j9 cause thats who I am...moving right along!

This weeks "fuck you friday" is sponsored by some old fuckwit in milton......
 The story starts on lovely sunny winters day at Milton showground,where Spy,Nyx & myself have arrived for our morning of kindergym.As we are waiting to be let in a cattle dog (not full grown) comes running up to Nyx,he was by no means aggressive but very playful & rough,I grab Nyx's arm whilst trying to keep the dog from jumping on her with my mad ninja foot skills....his owner appeared to be an old fellow who was wandering up calling the dog but by no means rushing to help! By this stage I'm starting to get dizzy for the doughnuts i'm doing with the dog trying to keep him off my kid, so here's where it gets interesting i yell out "come & get your dog now or i'm going to kick it" (you know cause i'm classy like that) by this stage the dog has seen Spy who is holding a sausage roll in his hand & has moved on too jumping on him, I grab the dog walk over to this old fellow & say very loudly because I now have 2 distressed children,o.k i yelled, if you can't control your dog keep it on a leash,what just happened is not o.k & he said wait for it.....why don't you keep your kids on a lead! boom,boom wtf, you crazy old fool my kids are perfectly entitled to be here they were not running wildly or away from me,what are you talking about anyways,he gave me more attitude which resulted in me rushing up to him & telling him to GET AWAY NOW! (I really wanted to kickbox him in the neck) & it put me in a stabby mood for the rest of the day.....
disclaimer: I love dogs am not an animal hater or anything it's about being responsible for your animal,just as I am expected to be responsible for my kids same rules apply I think? do you? please comment....

A quick update on last week "fuck you friday" post about the fence, well it's now sunday of the next week & I still don't have a fence....FUCK...I's a fucking joke & mother nature's not helping me any with rain, bitch!
You guys know that I love it when you comment so please do,or you know I'll cut sick on your asses next time I see you!! never forget "wereallmaddhere" xx
  P.s I have got some guest post's coming up soon,if you would like to contribute to "wereallmaddhere" please let me know!!! j9mrox@hotmail.com

this is how i look of a morning....no seriously!