I don't want this to be a sad post,I want it to be a joyous reminder of the impact special people have on our lives & why it's important to love big everyday!
That dude on the left he's my uncle Gregory charles Bower or Greggo as I liked to call him & last sunday was the 4 year anniversary of his passing at the hands of one of the most evil,insidious diseases going Motor neurone.It's a horrid thing where your body shuts down slowly, leaving your mind fine but unable to control your muscles untill you can't walk anymore or hold a cup or chew or talk or in the end even breath,it's yuck for everyone involved & frustrating as well, as there is no cure,but to wait for death....

Anyways this is my story of my uncle Greggo,
I can not remember ever not having him in my life,being an only child untill i was 8 & coming from a single parent family he was my constant father figure,at over 6ft tall & with a strapping build he made me feel safe physically but the fact that he seemed to enjoy being with kids made me feel special.
He was a natural teacher with infinate patience but when you fired him up you knew the shit was going down,talk about crappin my pants but it was rare & it was over fast,i don't remember him holding a grudge ever! 
He had great taste in music & loved to crank the music up loud some of my most treasured memories are of dancin with the big fella! 
He also loved to eat anything sweet but especially bakery sweets like apple turnovers the more cream the better,that would be after 2 meat pies of course or devon & tomato sauce sangers yummo!
He was a motor bike rider,he had a big 1970's BMW touring bike that he would ride everywhere,him my aunty Rob & their dog fred all on the bike together it was awesome...he sometimes would bring me from Sydney down the coast on it for holidays man I felt like the shit on those trips,I must of been like 10, it felt like we were going 500 k's an hour on the highway i fricken loved it!!
He also taught me to play card games you know like 21 & that but he also taught me to play the card game "grass" & it continues to be a family favorite in this house today Abby & Mitch both play it as well! I am aware it's not politically correct but i don't care it's just a game get over it.
I could talk for days about the things he taught me,did with me & did for me,the list is endless but i will stop here....


 What i did do last sunday was visit him had a quick chat & Aunty Rob,my cuzzy bro Lee-Lee (his daughter) & myself  went to Mollymook golf club had some lunch & slapped the pokies just the way he liked to do before he left...
The saddest part of the day for me is that Bam,Spy & Nyx miss out on getting to know this amazing man who would have loved them just as much as i do & that my stories of him don't do him the justice he deserved,I wish I did'nt have to tell them stories of him,I wish he was still here....I wish