Hey peeps,Today i would like to have a little ramble about First world problems,Urban dictionary explains them as "problems from living in a wealthy ,industrialized nation that third worlders would probably roll their eyes at..." you know if those people had the energy to roll their eyes that is!
Now we have all been guilty of this at one time or another or I know i have & this week I have been following my favorite blogger edenland (google her & check her blog...AMAZING!) as she visited Niger for world vision & taking note of how lucky we are but how little we realise it on a regular basis.
I have noted some of the first world problems that we're all madd here have said out loud & am happy to share our revolting,selfish mindset that we sometimes find ourselves in...

* The butters too hard...

*There are only 2 types of breakfast cereal...

*The wifi's too slow...

*The car smells...

*I can't find my charger...

*My foundations the wrong colour...

*We're so poor....

* I'm cold...

* The birds woke me up...

*I have nothing to wear...

*It takes 10mins to drive into town...

*The rain makes my hair frizzy...

* The clothesline is too far from the house...

Now don't get me wrong I suppose some of those are valid concerns but really peoples are you aware of how really lucky we are to live in a politically stable,naturally wealthy,very accepting first world country?
I try to educate my peoples in the ways of the world both good & bad & try to give them an understanding & insight into those people that are much less fortunate than ourselves.I personally don't think shielding them from the horrors that other people suffer does them any good in the grand scheme of things,that said I do try to inform them at a level that they will understand.
So this week I'm going to find the time to sponsor a child from world vision,I think it will do us all good both individually & as a family & I would urge you to check out kiva.org they are a micro lending charity that we have been involved with for a while,that help less fortunate peoples,help themselves it's pretty amazing what $25 bucks can do.I love the whole teach a man to fish thing....
 Sorry for the kinda heavy tone of this post but sometimes you just gotta say what you feel,you know?
 To lighten things up a bit,I've come up with one of my famous slideshows of pictures borrowed from google images...enjoy!

Stay tuned guys I have an we're all madd here easter post coming up this week & also please comment & let me know what worthwhile charities you support both locally & internationally...
 Please let me know what are your biggest first world problems...
Hey guys following on from yesterdays spectacularly successful post (check out all the comments...) I have decided to share with you some of my favorite wtf moments caught on camera over the last 12 months...your welcome! 
We have a window licker! wtf?
So the easter hats a little big...wtf?
I don't remember wanting to be a big fat zebra & I don't remember Mitch looking like a 70's porn star...wtf?
it was COLD o.k! wtf?
so cute,so wrong...wtf?
he loves a mustachio..wtf?
I told him to slow down,he would'nt listen,I got a kodak moment! wtf?
Honey your doing it wrong...wtf?
your supposed to get undressed before you get in the bath babe...wtf?
Your a redneck if you let your baby have a gun..wtf? (It's a pretend gun peoples settle down there)
My personal hygiene products are no even sacred...wtf?
I found this in our enclosed backyard.we do NOT have a dog...wtf?




hey guys,I'm short on time today so as i was eating my lunch,I was trolling google as you do & came across these beauty's,please enjoy but question still remains....wtf?
i got nuthin for this gem except wtf?
i like fresh milk but really? wtf?
dude you never a girl kiss? wtf?
i have no words...wtf?
that baby's thinking wtf...
wtf? that shits nasty!
All images via google images,thats for that google my eyes.my eyes!