Hey,hey,hey welcome to "Fuck you friday" our new regular friday feature where you can feel free to vent whatever it is thats pissing you off,because as we all know it's better out than in baby! So please don't hesitate to comment with your  "fuck you friday" gripe,I would love to not be the only one with a bad attitude sometimes....

Todays "fuck you friday" post is coming to you from my landlord...now don't get me wrong,he's not a bad man, unless you think that tight arse,drive byin,don't want to fix nothin but when i do fix it i ain't tellin you i'm coming is bad, then he is...
 Today's story goes something like this, I arrive home from the school run still half pajama clad (you know cause i'm classy like that) to find 2 men in my backyard ripping down my side fence WTF...it turns out it is my landlords brother & sidekick & they are replacing the fence. O.k cool so when do you expect to finish this job is my query & i quote "hopefully by the middle of next week weather depending" um hello fuckwit, i have 3 children under 5 & will not have a fence to keep them off the street for at least 5 days WHAT!!! Why would you start this job on a friday, when you know you are not going to be able to finish it by the weekend?? why,why,why....
My biggest gripe with this situation (apart from the fact i think they should pay for a nanny to come look after my feral children that i can't let outside) is the lack of communication,he did say he tried to call & left a message,well thats one of those things we will never know because i did not get a msg & i really don't think anybody should have started anything untill there was a clear conversation between us,but it's all too late for that now as i am now technically living with my neighbours,as if they were'nt close enough before! FUCK!
 I also have a toothache & a sore eye just to make life a little more bitchin & a 14 mth old who does not like to sleep ever fullstop,fuck me dead i'm on a whinge roll here, lady!

 Anyways because i'm am a lucky son of a bitch with a stop traffic terriffic bestie,who feels sorry for me regularly,i am out of this cesspit for the evening and off for woodfired pizza & plenty of liquid refreshment.When these rare moments happen anything is possible & i will try to get photo's of the crazy that will be us enjoying ourselves! 
 As i said before please feel free to join the fuckfest by commenting below,it won't change anything,but by fuck it makes you feel much better! loves youse all! j9 p.s don't forget wereallmaddhere!!!! 

this is what my children regulary look at their dinner like...
i would like to say a big thanks to the stay at home babe for the inspiration for "fuck you friday's"  check out her blog it's so much better than this shiz...


08/11/2011 21:12

I just wanna say fuck you friday because i just found out today one of my dearest and most wonderful friends has breast cancer and has to have a double mastectomy at 31. Thanks J9 for paving the way for me to say how fucked up that really is xx

Louise Stratton
08/12/2011 01:52

yep what a fucked Friday, ist up at ungodly hour to start work 5:30, then in middle of major emergency got call from school, stell injured in school sport fuck, with netball semi 2morrow, dad out buying new car for him and not contactable, then Jess off to physio for her appointment due to netball but got time wrong and I there 1 hour early fuck, finally home 11 hours after I left and rest of ferals starving fuck now to cook dinner fuck

08/12/2011 03:25

Well said!!!!!
Fucken fuckwits

08/12/2011 18:16

Fuck da Po Po. :)

08/14/2011 19:16

Well today is monday, and i'd just like to say it's as fucked as friday, if not a bit more..

Firstly, i'd like to know why both my children decide that the perfect time to take a dump is while im in the fucken shower?

Secondly, why the parking police decide that the local public school is the perfect place to hang out on a monday morning when all everyone wants to do is unload their kids as quickly as possible to get some peace n quiet

And lastly, to all the fuckwits who sit on 80 in the 100 zone, (or 60 in 80 etc) then as soon as we come to the overtaking lane, they instantly go to 105!? what is the fucken go with that!!!? not only did you just use 5 bucks in fuel with the sudden impact, but you turned me into a raving speeding lunatic, hurling the f bomb as i go past you, that i know u wont hear, but im sure the oncoming traffic gets a good lipread of it..
ggrrrr secretly, i imagine a sucker punch world, where i would actually ram your fucken car off the road and watch your little head bobble around like one of those dashboard things, as you career off down an embankment, where im happy for you to do whatever speed you like.

ahh.. feel a little bitter now xx

stop traffic terriffic bestie
08/15/2011 23:25

Fuck you Fridays are my specialty.

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