Let me set the scene,this afternoon I am unsuccessfully trying to rest on the lounge as an infected wisdom tooth has knocked me around,it also happens to be the day that the bloody teachers decide to have a stop work meeting! Fuck!
Amid the varying levels of feralness my six year old approaches me to say "mum I think I've outgrown my parents" hmm now how does one reply to a statement like this? I did a quick mental checklist:

I love farts,giggle at them all the time

I'm up to date with year 1 trends, I know what trash packs,mighty beans & ningago are

We have the same level of swear word control...none!

O.k, so he knows heaps more about nerf guns than me but I colour in way better...

We are both fairly fast to anger especially at each other...calling that evens.

I figured we were pretty on par with other so what exactly did "I've outgrown you" mean?
He had obviously heard someone say it so my mental questions just kept coming,things like is telling someone you've "outgrown" them just a softy,softly way of saying:
"I don't like you anymore"
"I can't be bothered putting up with you"
"I'm just not that into you"
"I don't agree with your job,parenting style,partner,lifestyle whatever"
Or is just a way of saying I'm moving on with my life I'd rather it if you didn't come?

As for me I just looked at my son like he had two heads & told him that was cool & he could start to organize somewhere else to live & I'd start packing his stuff,no biggie.
Suffice to say he didn't organize anywhere else to live (damn) & I'm still slightly confused about what it means to "outgrow" someone...oh & my tooth is killing me & I can't see the dentist untill Monday!! Whaaaaa
What do you think about the term "outgrown" & why the fuck haven't you entered the "The worlds worst give away ever"? Tell me please...;)



05/18/2012 17:36

He simply means his head is too big and has out grown yours!

05/18/2012 22:14

I thought it was a teenagers job to be so melodramatic about their parents, not a 6yr old! The lol's!

05/24/2012 15:05

Oh he melodramatic alright! It's never dull around here...:)


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