Today's funny moments included...
Miss Nyx who is 2 came out this morning with a razor shaving her chin,just like daddy...thank goodness it still had its safety cover on!
Mr Spy 4 surprised me with a finger puppet play but the puppets were tampon wrappers he had popped on his fingers,what fun!
& then to top it off,I took miss Nyx to the toilet & a panty liner fell out of her
After having a giggle I have come to the conclusion that children have no regard for personal space,I should be glad miss Nyx was shaving her face, not something else & feminine hygiene products are a really cheap way to entertain the kids!
I also need more privacy around this place,pronto!
Also don't forget we're all madd here,not that you'd ever guess...
It's a puppet! No its not buddy,can't wait to show you this when your a bit older...


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