well what a week it's been for the all mad here bunch...but none more so then miss a16 who finished year 10, had her farewell dinner & was presented her school certificate. mums taxi got a flogging with hair,tan,make-up appoints as well as dropping & picking up from after parties in the middle of the night...but it was all worth it to see her stand tall & proud & be a princess for a day! As the photo's show she looked in my eyes at least ,the"belle of the ball" what a fantastic end to what has been a huge year of hard work & study that completely paid off with her amazing results she achieved on her certificate!
 i feel so proud this incredible young woman choose me to be her mumma & share her life journey with her. she's smart,caring,funny,self motivated, incredibly beautiful & i love her big. 
Thank you miss a16 you make it all worth it honey...xxx
It's been girls week her as miss n0.6 celebrates her half year birthday today & has added a few new tricks to her bag...including drinking out of a straw,walking backwards in her walker & kinda saying mum! My,my how time flies she's been with us only 6 months & no-one can imagine life without her or before her really, she has completed our family beautifully!
well thats a wrap for now,the countdown to xmas is on & im sure i the most excited of us all...talk soon j9 & don't forget "were all mad here"....


12/11/2010 01:54

Well a big congratulations to the beautiful Miss A... It is easy to see why you are such a proud mum, but dont forget that miss a is who she is due to your great parenting!!
happy 1/2 birthday to Nyx, time does really fly. the unfortunate thing is that before you know it we will be taking photos of her on her big graduation day..
just want you to know that i love you guys even though you are all mad!!


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