this is what i did for a couple of days last week...It was for a great buddy who rudely moved over the mountain to nowheresville,she was a bit homesick & it was her birthday & i'm not rich so she got this instead of the i-phone she really wanted!! love you Ron! xx
I know unbelieviable right! amazing yes! sorry to anyone who gets car sick,that may well have triggered you off...a huge big thank you to aunty carlz forever supporting my insane ideas & having a go with me! I love you big! thanks to mitch for filming us on the beach,i'm sorry i embarrass you darling but spend the $20 bucks carlz gave you to do it well! see y'all soon big love the wereallmaddhere crew xx


07/26/2011 21:02

that was gr8...... ROFLMAO.
U and Carly next Tropfest winners

07/26/2011 22:40

Very very good u done well my darling! :-)

07/27/2011 04:10

That is the best film clip i have ever seen!! you girls rock my world & this is the reason y i am so home sick cause i miss you 2 & all the crazy things that go on in the "where all mad here" household!! you guys reminded me at the perfect time, that we will never loose what we have even if i AM in nowheresville!! so now i can just go back & watch that video with a big fat smile on my face thinking how f%^king crazy you both are!! thank you guys & you too Mitch i dont know how you put up with them.. bahaha...

07/27/2011 04:13

Poison Summer is straight to the top of the charts! its the best song in the world!! love you guys to the moon & back!!

Aunty Carlz
07/27/2011 21:24

Woo hoo, finally can publish the video!!

Louise, it's only the beginning! When we go to Sydney for the weekend we will have to make another one.

J9, only you can get me to do this, and I wouldn't do it for anyone else except you two!!

Love you Ron! You'll be back some day!! You will never be gone to us because your in our hearts forever. When you hurry up and come back, it will be like Nowheresville never happened.

05/30/2012 22:23

was just looking back on all the were all madd here blogs & came across this which of course made me cry cause even though its been 16 months since i made the move to Nowheresville i still miss you guys like nothing else.. I can never find anyone anywhere that can make me feel like you guys.. i especially miss all the laughs.. no one laughs over this side of the mountain like you 2.. sorry for being all soppy but i cant help the way i feel.. im hoping i will always be in your hearts cause i know that you guys will always be in mine ... Now hurry up & plan a road trip too Nowheresville so we can show these country folk of this sleepy little town how to have a good time.. im sure they will hear your laugh Aunty Carlz from one end to the other.. xxxx

carly jay
08/08/2011 04:59

so sweet, had a tear in my eye. Crazy bestie. Everyone needs friends like that. Ps Happy Birthday Ron.

Toni Conlon
08/12/2011 00:01

The best present!!! Way better than any iphone!!! Oh J9 you make me laugh!! Thank you!! :-)

03/22/2012 16:17

A great effort for a friend
Love the leotard and spirit fingers
Needs more cowbell


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