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Hey people's,Today's little rant is bought to you by a Western Australian politician who wants to overturn the Great White sharks protected status & perhaps start culling them.
Let's start at the beginning shall we? Yesterday the unfortunate news came through that a W.A surfer had been taken by a shark, most likely a Great White.
Now please do not get me wrong,my heart goes out to the family of this young man,it's a terrible tragedy that he was taken in such horrific circumstances,I cannot not nor would I wish to fathom the pain this family is in
I do not for one second think that hunting down & killing the shark will make this situation any better for anybody but apparently there are people who think this may be a good idea & then there are other people like the W.A pollie who want to go a step further & overturn the sharks protected status with the option for a cull.
Living in a coastal town has given me plenty of acess to surfing culture & I can't think of any surfers who would want the shark hunted down & killed if this were to be their fate,the surfing community has & will always have a very strong environmental slant that basically decrees we are entering their domain,we take our chances because the ocean is a special force & nothing special is without risk.
Nearly everything comes with risk,we can minimize the risk bit never really remove it completely,wether it be driving,swimming,climbing,walking there is risk but if there is a car accident & someone is killed we don't cull the cars,if someone drowns, we don't drain all the pools,if a branch falls on someone we don't chop all the trees down & I feel the same about shark attacks we cannot kill all the sharks because they are a risk factor in enjoying the ocean,we must just factor them into the equation,weight up the risks,look at the stats (they are very low when you think about how many people enjoy the ocean every year) & then make an informed decision as to wether we want to enter the ocean or not.
I don't spend a great deal of time in the ocean anymore because I am shark phobic,they fucking terrify me but they also fascinate me & you can be sure I'll be the one reading,watching,listening to anything about them,come shark week on pay t.v you'll know where to find me ( yep at a friends with pay t.v) this is also why I don't do boating,fuck that boats sink....
The bottom line for me is sharks play an important role in the ocean & we have already put them under massive pressure with things like overfishing & pollution,I don't think culling them solves the problem it just lulls people into a false sense of security really...
I the scaredy cat of sharks don't want them hunted down or killed...what about you?
Please excuse punctuation & spelling I'm on my phone & I don't know how to spell wether in the right context (help me out?):)


07/15/2012 22:28

Sorry guys posting from my phone fucks up the photos...will fix it ASAP!

07/15/2012 23:36

I agree with u there! I don't think it's right to cull them, at the end of the day everyone knows the risks when u enter the ocean especially seasoned surfer's. It's their territory and we enter it willingly knowing there possibly might be consequences fingers crossed it won't happen. But it's a risk u take. I agree with everything u said! I no it would be tragic for the family but I'm sure they prob wouldn't want this to happen. Sometimes it feels like we still live in the bloody stone ages! Anyway that's my opinion lol...

07/16/2012 01:47

You're right J9! Humans think we can get rid of anything that touches, scares, eats or just pisses us off. This is absolutley no different to choosing to walk around a nature reserve in Africa and then wanting all lions culled because someone was injured or killed. Humans have less respect for mother earth with every generation and more respect for self gratification and greed :(

07/16/2012 02:16

Its all very sad for this young mans family but while ever humans walk/dive/jump into the sea dressed like a delish seal we are going to continue to be eaten by big sharks with poor eyesight who bite first and ask questions later.

07/16/2012 02:55

This is the heading on the Herald Sun.

"WESTERN Australia's reputation as the world's deadliest place for shark attacks is hurting tourism and the federal government should consider lifting the ban on fishing of great whites, the state government says."


07/16/2012 16:44

Yes Rach it's all about measured risk & total finger crossing!
Emmie,you read my mind with the lion analogy! I said that to my friend earlier,it's the same thing & just because sharks ar'nt cute like monkeys & pandas does not mean they are less worth saving. You are so right humans are a self absorbed bunch most of the time...:(
Viv I think your spot on,I dont think sharks target humans as a food source but I do think that the black wetsuit does make a surfer look like a seal & they are a shark favorite!
Carlz,I can't believe thats the headline,there are more important things than tourist dollars going on here...


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