Hey guys,seeings that it's friday the 13th,I thought I'd do a post on superstition.
Wikipedia says that superstition Is a belief in supernatural causality;that one event leads to the cause of another without any process in the physical world linking the two events.Um yeah sure,whatever...
Now having trawled through google looking into the history of superstition,I've basically surmised that it's got its history in folklore/religon along the lines of if you freak people out enough they will do the right thing for fear of the consequences (heaps cheaper than police & jails & laws & stuff)
Here's a coulpe of fun facts about the number 13 & why it's classed as unlucky.
*The most common belief is based on the bible.13 is the number of men present at the last before christ was put to death

*In the U.S some highrise buildings do not have a 13th floor

*In some Euro countries you can;t live in a house with the number 13 address,12 is followed by 12.5 then by 14

My nanna was quite a superstitious little lady,so I thought I knew most of the common superstitions going around but alas for a change I was wrong & here's a few I thought were interesting....

*A bird in the house is a sign of death...(glad I was unaware of this one when I was having trouble with that pee-wee at Tabourie,he was always inside)

*Umbrella's being put up inside are bad luck...(now I was aware of this but really folks,of course it's bad luck when your kids playing with an umbrella in the house & pokes your fricken eye out)

*A dog howling at night when someone in the house is sick is a bad omen...(if I am the one up nursing the sick person,you betcha thats going to be a bad omen when I find that fucking dog)

*A broken mirror is bad luck...(you betcha it is,especially if it's that magic mirror that comes but once in a lifetime & always makes you look thinner than you really are!)

* Getting out of bed on the wrong side (to this I say,it's not what side you get out on,it's the fact that you got out of bed at all!)

 *I loved this Japenese one: If a funeral car passes, you should hide your thumb...(Duh of course you should, not even the most desperate hitchiker wants a lift to where that cars going!!)

So to wrap this post I want to know are you superstitious? Do you deliberately walk under ladders & mentally will that black cat to cross your path or do you err on the side of caution & play along just incase?
Do you have an of your own superstitions? 
Have a great weekend & don't forget we're all madd here....



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