Why hello there!
Today's ramble is one I have been thinking a lot about lately,it involves my children & sometimes my husband & the fact that the better I get to know them all,the more I realise I think I have created idiots...if life were really survival of the fittest they wouldn't last 5mins!
I love them all dearly or something,something & have had a great laugh remembering all the stupid things they have done that made this list below,so with no further ado I present to you a list of some of the crazy things my family have done...

-miss A has no idea of just how dangerous electricity can be I realised as I watched her about to put a knife into a plugged in toaster...(this was fairly recently)

-mr B once thought it would be a tasty treat to eat the moisture absorbing beads he received with some other present

-mr M was banned from riding his moto bike after repeatedly using the car to stop instead of the brakes

-miss N doesn't bother to unwrap the lollies before she eats them,down the hatch plastic wrapping & all

-Mr Fixit recently tried to kill us all by nearly feeding us green potato mash,dude green potatoes are poisonous!

-miss A honey,your breakfast cereal does not go in your nose,that thing was wedged in there good I tells ya!

-I can't remember who it was that drank a whole glass of straight cordial but really folks how do you not realise that shits not been watered down...

-mr S what is it with him & plastic bags on his head? A fetish perhaps? Geez!

-mr B recently wrapped his head in sticky tape,like dude you didn't think that through did ya? Ouch!

-miss N why would you deliberately poke yourself in the eye? Why?

-miss A babe please don't force your head through the veranda railing bars,it's very, very hard to get it back out again & the oil we had to use to lube your ears up was a bitch to get out of your hair...

-miss N if mummy says its hot,please don't touch it to check,yes it is hot & people burn!

-miss N again! Please don't headbutt things to see just how hard they are,the table is very hard darling just ask!

-all the small kids have a thing for the cats butt,do not touch the cats ring hole,he does not like it & there's no soap in the world that's gunna make me eat anything that your manky little hands have touched ever again!

-miss N has a thing for using her undies as a pocket,you do NOT want to know what I have found in there!

That's the list for today but I sure there will be plenty to add as the kids keep growing!
Tell me what things have your family or friends done that makes you think WTF?
J9 ;)


11/22/2012 16:15

actually... using undies as pockets is kinda smart

11/22/2012 16:20

Lol loz! It's a terrific place to keep ones special treasures...or you know,half eaten muesli bars! ;)

11/22/2012 17:38

You forgot the time I got a cotton bud stuck in my ear!

11/22/2012 22:47

Im happy to report my own WTF moments

drinking too much 80% proof scotch at 17, and thinking it would be a good idea to walk around the summernats in a skirt & bikini top. Resulted in broken bikini top, boobs for all and tears for me.

Driving towards a Y intersection in the city, my brain thought i'd go left, but my hands turned the wheel right. Resulted in a de-constructed bus shelter, a car that drove like a crab & a slow & squashy trip home in the tow truck with 4adults and a puppy

trying to run through a glass sliding door. it wasnt even clean.
Or open.

Going to unload the shopping from the boot only to find my purse still sitting on the back bumper. It clung on from ulladulla to milton.

Trying to sneak up on someone along tabourie straight, in the dark, by turning the headlights off. Well i was the suprised one when the blue lights started flashing. Hello officer.

Thinking it would be fun to go puddle bashing in a car that was not built for puddle bashing. Whats that noise? oh, that would be the new $2000 exhaust system lagging behind me..

Drinking rum before sundown.

Smoking green before school excursions & art class. But can top that with smoking IN the photography lab. umm hello, chemicals + flames??

Putting my nans male rabbit in with the female while she was at work. I loved having baby bunnies in school holidays. Nan never could work out WTF was happening.

plenty more in the vault, but someone is screaming...

11/22/2012 23:03

Lol reading aloud & killing myself laughing! I wonder who you would have been sneaking up on at Tabourie...
How's this for a wtf...blow my jeep up on the Tabourie straights (what is it with the straights & us?) get a lift home,only to look out the window an hour later & see my broken car in the driveway! wtf? ;)


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