gotheftosleep...amazing book!
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hey guys,i'm not one to gush to freely on about anything...hang on..the fuck i'm not,so anyways the always finger on the pulse aunty ses sent me this in an email last night & it fucking made my day!! i love it & will proudly read it to my children & grandchildren! o.k so maybe i won't,i'll wait till they can read by themselves & casually leave it laying around for them to read to each other...nice! it's going on the same shelf as "where did i come from",the womens weekly birthday cakes for kids,my janet evanovich series of stephanie plums...or in other words the classics shelf! wish i had of thought to write it....bummer!


aunty ses
05/17/2011 20:51

I thought you might like that book...;)

05/18/2011 01:08

what i want to know Miss j9 is when the f@#k do you get time to read a book????

05/18/2011 01:10

& i guess if you find the time this is the book for you.. bahahahahaha

05/19/2011 17:38

So god damn funny! Loving your blog....have only just worked out how to comment :/ xx


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