Hey,hey phew well it's been a huge week or so it feels & really if i'm honest,i haven't done anything much at all really...except (drum roll please) start directing our first short film....& how much fun has that been you ask? way big,massively ,huge fun!!
Last saturday Bam was watching youtube clips of kids that had made their own nerf gun movies,as i was watching one with him i casually said "we could do that,you wanna make a nerf gun war movie with me?" the look on his face was priceless as he processed what this could mean....little did he know..
Lets just say our little thought bubble has morphed into an extravaganza, it has a cast,a crew,a script,soundtrack,costumes,make-up,props & a scene of all of us & of course aunty ses running down our street with various fake weapons in full costume chasing Bam screaming! who cares what the neighbours think bahahaha
we have had such a blast hamming it up to the camera,coming up with ideas & rolling with them that i know for sure that "nerf war 1 the enchilada tiara" will not be our last j9mrox inc production...
it's been an awesome way for us to do something fun,different & challenging as a family,we are all involved some way including miss nyx,she has a starring role! we have laughed so much & all really gotten into it...it makes me smile thinking about some of the crazy moments & thats what makes it worth it...that & we have this crazy home movie to show the grandkids,man will they be impressed!!
i will upload the final cut as soon as it's ready but untill then don't forget "were all madd here" & i can't imagine it any other way! well actually i can & do a lot but thats a whole other post...adaios amigos


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