Hey all,I know I'm a day late with this huge announcement but you know, it was an exceptionally close race & very hard to decide on a winner but I have done it. The winner of this fabulous prize pack is....
Frizzle Mcflurry with the fabulous present she received being a pair of size 22 cottontails that smelt of stale cigarette smoke! I think that is an excellent gift for a young size 12 lovely...not! Now please do not panic there has been a slight problem with the Milton show prize schedule as Mr Fixit used it to start the fire on the weekend (yep he reads my blog) but am trying my darndest to get my hands on another from my show buddies.
Now for this weeks Crappiest fucking giveaway ever, it's special :
Ben folds five,whatever & ever amen CD (used, I have gone off Ben bigtime)
A hand coloured laminated foot by some child called Iodan...(I have no idea either)
A Murray wiggle card (because he is my favorite & this could be collectable one day cause it's not Anthony,he will be dead & still controlling the wiggles)
A lovely little address book that you will need a magnifying glass to write in,with the words "Always keep what feels good close"
umm yeah whatever, people look at me funny when I do my shopping holding a vodka bottle close?
A Transformers mechanical pencil,now this is a great prize if you don't break it first go....
A soccer ball note pad, that has a few pages missing as the kids keep scribbling in it!
And last but not least a toy Lobster,because I'm sick of picking it up off the floor,it will now be your problem!
So all you have to do to enter this awesome competition, is tell me what is the worst record,CD or i-tunes album you have in your collection,don't be giving me anything lameo I want bad, baby, really bad....Abby just said she's entering cause she knows all the words to the Macarena & even the spanish bits! who knew? I may even try to vlog that for y'all....go!
Don't forget "we're all madd here"...


Frizzle McFlurry
05/22/2012 17:11

WOO HOO!! Im so excited cause i never win anything. Cant wait to get my hand on that Rat Trap, but will now have to buy a new iphone for the covers to go on.

By the way - worst lameo CDs in my collection....Aquarium by Aqua or the Very Best of Patsy - by Patsy Cline

05/22/2012 22:34

Oh, I missed entering....... So very disappointed :(

05/24/2012 15:07

Congratulations on being my first contest winner!! You deserve it,for having relo's that give such crap pressies!!!

05/24/2012 18:05

without dusting off the old cd towers that have been pushed to the back of the cupboard.. (cos really, who uses cd's anymore!?) from memory the most lame-o would be a toss up between
East-17 and
Reba McIntyre....

and yet I am unable to get rid of them for some reason...who knows when i'll feel like yelling along with 'everybody, EVERYBODY in a house of love' with a broody look on my face... or sitting back and poking my own eyeballs out with splintered toothpicks, whilst 'and i think his name was john' plays in the background..
rock on :-)

Frizzle McFlurry
05/29/2012 17:05

Cobes so has to win it with East17....Thats pure GOLD :0)

05/29/2012 19:41

I agree with frizzle mcflurry,cobes win this weeks totally crap prize pack for admitting to having an east 17 cd in her collection,still...I will get to a proper post shortly but am back to dentist today,so bare with me! Waaahhh...

05/29/2012 20:28

well i missed out again!! im going to tell you anyway what is my worst cd John Farnham - The Last Time...
what a big fat lie that was.. lol


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