Hello & welcome to Paradise Island,a place where dreams are created & broken in a matter of minutes...
Let me explain a little,on Saturday night I was left alone with the 3 little people,now that sounds boring doesn't it? Why yes,yes it does,so what does the tribal leader of we're all madd here do? She decree's a Paradise Island party must be had,so with Aunty Carlz as our special guest we had ourselves an Island bash,it went a little something like this....

*Welcome to the Island of makin &  breakin dreams...

* Upon greeting our esteemed guest we welcomed her to the Island with a refreshing local drink (it may or may not have been Jack Daniels)
*Aunty Carlz had a slight moment with Steve the snake but they soon sorted it out...
We then took a lovely wander around the Island,to check out the ancient relics & do the touristy thang...
*We got up close & personal with some of the natives,they seemed to take a shine to us & Aunty Carlz even managed to communicate with them using Island sign language!
* Time came for the Island feast...Aunty Carlz had requested a special dish that she orders from the local chinese,be recreated on the Island,it seemed to be a winner...
* Then came fire time,it seems I am much better at creating smoke rather than fire,so after about 15 mins of sending some serious smoke signals to neighbouring Islands,Aunty Carlz took over...is there nothing that woman cannot do I ask?
* There was only one brief moment where we both kind of looked at each other & said maybe I should have the hose handy,whatcha think,It was a fire fit for volcano & we were proud that it did not burn down our beautiful Island! phew!!
* We drank out of coconut cups,dressed in grass skirts & had ourselves one hell of an Island party with the 2 of us,we went to bed cross eyed after discussing the merits of taking a bucket with us (you know just in case) but decided to just throw a leg out of the bed if it started spinning too fast...oh the Island were the lifestyle is slow but where the bed spins fast,how I love you!
*Before we knew morning arrived & we waved our special visitor away from the Island untill next time...& trust me there will be a next time...you know how I know? because we're all madd here & thats how we roll!! 

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04/01/2012 20:32

What a trip down memory lane and I have to say, Noumea has got nothing over the Were All Madd Here Island Party.
The natives where kind to AuntyCarlz and the island juice went down a treat. Not only was it authentic Palace Chinese food, it was a feast fit for tribal king!!!!!

Now it was a great fire that even started to breathe on its own and kinda sounded like a jet off a Boeing 737. I for one, was not scared at all as I knew that my underutilized firefighter skills would save us or save that bootleg JD and run, if a crisis occurs. Even if I could only focus out of one eye!

The Great Island Party of 2012 ROCKED!


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