O.k so if the the title of the post hasn't twigged you onto it,let me enlighten you...it's good friday here today & so far i can assure you that there is nothing good about it at all!
 Hang on i must backtrack first,yesterday was mr s 2.5's 3rd birthday so as much fun as was had by everyone yesterday,we all have varying forms of the hangover today me not so much an alcohol induced one more so a tiredness one & the 2 younger boys mr b 5 & said birthday boy are sporting a couple of lovely sugar hangovers from too many lollies,fizzy drink & cake so they are off the planet  crazy,tired or emotional you name it...& nyx has woken up this morning with snot...yay for me & mr fixit well, he's gone fishing telling me "imagine how good it'll be when we have freshly caught fish on good friday" i nod knowingly all the while thinking "thank fuck i've got frozen fish fillets in the freezer" because his fishing record is lets just say not so great...
So here i am surrounded by whinging feral children,who are randomly whacking each other with whatever is handy & hanging off my legs screaming like idiots...good bloody friday...i think not! ;) 


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