see below i  feel like this a lot...
hey all...well it's been far too long again since we have caught up & i totally take full responsibility for this fact. It's not like I haven't wanted to speak to you guys,it's just that i have spent a lot of time reading other peoples blogs & they are all so good & funny & well stuff that i have been doubting myself & my ability to connect & stay connected with you (whoever you are...actually i know who you are smiles & waves at aunty ses,ron,weeza) & in saying that i have probably spoken to you on the phone today already....
my problem seems to be a connection problem from my brain to my fingers,i think up all these things are want to talk about but when push comes to shove i can't seem to write it down the way i want it to sucks arse & makes me feel like i'm wasting everyones time & valuable cyberspace.
Anyway laying in bed last night, hang on sitting up in bed last night as miss nyx is sick with a flu & all she wanted was to use my right breast as a dummie,oh the joys!! I had a bit of an epithany (spelling) i'm just going to write what i feel without thought to whom may or may not be reading this little bit of with no further ado I am on my way,it kinda feels like a road to know where but thats o.k too cause as the sandman said if your not moving your boring & fuck that i refuse to be beige...big love & never forget we're all madd here....  p.s when i work this website set up out i will definately post links to some of my favorite blogs but 3 of my top faves are random ramblings of a stay at home mum,edenland & woogsworld definately check them out awesome aussie chicks keeping it real....



05/18/2011 01:15

All i can say is that its not forever. (the sitting up in the bed with nyx hanging off your tit..).. lol... i think the only way we r going to get anywhere with this is for you too RUN AWAY & just not be available.. come on miss j you can do it.. its really not that far out here.. but in the mean time keep on blogging cause at least you r giving me a laugh or 2 or 3.. love you lots & lots xxx Ron xx


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