So I have seen a few different signs like these around & I decided to buy this one to put in the kids room.I doubt very much that they will take any notice of it,nor will they do any of the things listed but you know it's worth a try & all that crap...
It also got me thinking about all the other things I say regularly that should be added to the bottom of this sign,things like..

Leave your penis alone

Do not jump on the lounge,bed,your brother

Yes that is a big skid mark

Do not eat off the floor

Get the toothbrush out of your underpants

No douche bag is not spelt doosh bag

Stop choking your brother

Do not growl at old ladies

You are not a dog,do not poo in the backyard

Your penis is not a light saber

Do not sniff other people's bottoms

Do not talk to strangers about your ball sack

No that is not a mouse in mummy's bottom

Do not eat with your feet

Your undies are not a hat

No you can't marry mummy/daddy/your brother/sister

Stop touching Aunty Carly's boobs
These are just a few things that spring to mind,do you have anything you might like to add?? Go on...



05/14/2012 01:09

Seriously, Im gunna pee my pants! Its a list of why I love them!

Now Im sure if I think about it I can add some more..........

Don't shoot your Aunty Carlz with the nerf gun

Don't hurt your grandmother!

Dont put playdoh in your belly button

Please don't eat your sisters make up

Don't punch Aunty Carlz in the face when I try to get a nice photo

Speak English!

Get your hands out of your pants!

I wish I could think of more so I will have to come back to it!

05/14/2012 03:41

Im hearing ya! Have used quite a few of them myself. Frequently.

Some more:

Don't drink out of the dogs water
Don't use the toilet roll to wipe your butt
Don't throw the eggs at the chooks
Don't wee in the corner when your getting dressed
Don't put mums phone in the bin because your cranky with a game on it
Say hello when you answer the phone

And my personal favorite
Don't roll the garden edging (bushrocks) down the pathway

05/14/2012 08:07

Lol cobes! Off to check the corners of their room now....:)

05/14/2012 08:08

Lolling...see you know them as well if not better than I do!

08/21/2013 15:09

Beautiful and true!


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